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Title: Hold Up Stockings

Ever since I was in primary school I have had a liking and fetish for lingerie and stockings. Part of this no doubt stems from watching the more than ample women folk of my family dressing and undressing in a close and unashamed family environment. In primary school we had a student teacher come for practice sessions. This girl was a bit on the plump side but the sound of her stockined plump thighs rubbing together as she walked was the start of a series of young erections. I had no idea as to cause of the stimulation only that it happened. In high school my penis used to react in a similar fashion to our history teacher who was the well groomed, attractive and harsh wife of our local Welsh Vicar. When the home scene was quiet or while taking a bath I could either sample, smell and wear my mothers gorgeous lace wear or pantyhose. This was all in secret from the laundry basket. When I was old enough I started to collect my own gear. I own panties and stockings etc which I wear daily. My stockings and pantyhose I generaly buy from the supermarket. To buy my panties I have to some up a bit more courage and go to target, kmart or a decent lingerie shop.Walking into the lingerie section of one of the aforementioned outlets gives me a massive erection. My female partner gives me a great amount of help when selecting purchases Buy some hold up stockings from the super market, starting from the toe, feed the stocking along your erect penis and let the top of the leg end grip around the base of your scrotum, this acts like a cock ring. Wank away! The feeling is intense.Only recently started exploring the Bi and Tran thing.

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